Anthony and Cleopatra by William Shakespeare

I’ve read the play and seen it preformed, you’d think I’d remember what Anthony and Cleopatra was about.


I didn’t hate it, but I certainly wasn’t interested in it.

For our class, we were divided into groups and assigned plays to base our midterm projects on. One group was assigned Anthony and Cleopatra, and they had to stage a scene from it.

I can’t remember what scenes were performed (there were a few), but I know one of the girls lounged on top of the professor’s desk while being fed grapes. That desk got misused and abused a lot that semester.

Overall, I didn’t pay much attention to Anthony and Cleopatra. It was one of those books were I got lucky. I had already decided what my final essay was going to be on (The Winter’s Tale), and we knew the topic for the final exam (I was going to write about Othello), so I was fortunate, I didn’t have to remember it.

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