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My name’s Kate and my journey in getting a Bachelor’s of Arts degree has been pretty chaotic. I started in 2017 as a Drama major and with undeclared minor. Eventually I realized I had taken enough English courses to declare it as my minor. Several months and a pandemic later, I realized I had obsessively taken enough courses to switch my degree to a double major…. with a creative writing minor.

So yeah. I’ve read a lot and want to talk about it.

I’m currently about to enter my 5th and final year of study at the University of Alberta. Hopefully. If Miss. Rona could stop cancelling my classes, that’d be great.

This is my bookshelf!

More of my favourite books are kept in my bedroom.

The middle shelf is almost entirely books I’ve read for my BA. Minus the tall books on the left (those are from High School) and the Hamilton book on the right.

Maybe one day I’ll talk about all the books I’ve read, but right now my focus is on that middle section.

Soufflé Girl

Soufflé Girl is a study playlist that I made specifically do to readings. It’s what I listen to most often while doing work, and it has become a big comfort this past year. The title is from the show Doctor Who, and was made with the character Clara Oswald in mind.

The playlist is full of soundtrack music from TV shows, movies, and video games. The only rule I have is that the music has to be instrumental.

My full playlist (3 hours) resides on Apple music, so I curated free abridged version on Spotify. Just in case you want to give it a listen.

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